Procrastination, Procrastination, Procrastination!

Procrastination! It is my worst enemy and I blame high school because that is where this stressful habit started. I never completed homework until the hour before it was due, I always woke up 15 minutes before I had to be at work(so you know I never looked pretty), and I also never finished my chores (which caused mommy dearest to be very unhappy)! So coming to college and having more responsibility than what I wanted was a huge slap across the face.

My first semester in college, I lived the stereotypical college lifestyle: going to class sometimes, sleeping through classes, late night or last-minute studying, partying Thursday through Saturday, football games, and just loving the freedom. I might as well had been saying “Hey, I’m gonna do whatever I can to avoid life!” Every single thing I did was to avoid the reality of why I was at college. I was trying to procrastinate the moment of actually growing up and becoming an adult.

After the first semester and getting my grade(IT WAS NOT PRETTY!), I had to become responsible for getting to class on time, actually finishing my homework, studying(which I had to relearn), and just taking care of myself. It was so hard! Heck, it still is hard! I still find myself procrastinating homework and responsibilities. Procrastination is a negative habit that I will work on for the rest of my life…I know this because I look at my mother and I see myself. Ugh, makes shudder.


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