From Bad Eatin’ To Good Eatin’

Eating healthy is not the easiest habit to form, especially if one didn’t grow up that way(like me). Now don’t get me wrong because my parents made sure I ate my fruits and veggies and sweets and pop were definitely not part of the menu. It’s just that my momma cooked a lot of the good stuff: chicken fried steak, fried potatoes, gravy, burgers, and any other types of food that can be found on the Pioneer Woman’s Blog(the amount of butter she uses is scary)! So, when you grow up eating the same food, you grow up cooking the same food.

Once I entered the college scene, having a healthy eating habit didn’t become an issue until after the first semester(HELLO freshman 15)! I was eating to many fried or fatty foods, not enough of the natural stuff, and not caring about being healthy. I realized I need to break my bad eating habits, which is not easy to do when you’ve been in the same routine for 19 years. It’s two years later since I’ve made changes to my eating habits and I’m still workin’ at it. I look at these Six Step To Breaking Bad Eating Habits everyday to break my bad habits the right way.

Once you break those bad eating habits, it’s time to create healthy eating habits. Now, you think this would be a easy habit to create, but it’s not(surprise). To have a healthy eating habit is just another goal that I work at everyday as well. If you want to have healthy eating habits, these 10 Tips are really helpful and they actually work! I’m not gonna lie, breaking a bad habit and creating a better one is not a easy process, but it sure is awesome once being healthy becomes a habit and not a thing to worry about


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