Study Is My Buddy

Now, I don’t know about everyone else, but I never really knew how to study until my sophomore year of college. In high school, I didn’t really need to study. In my freshmen year of college, I realized I didn’t know how to study and, therefore, struggled during my first year. Over the past two years, I have learned that some of the key habits to study is to take responsibility for yourself and to concentrate. Take this quiz, Effective Habits for Effective Study to find out if you have good study habits.

I also know that it’s really hard to concentrate while studying. I am horrible at staying focused on my homework when the t.v. is on, if there is music playing, or if my cellphone is ringing like crazy. Basically, electronics are my biggest weakness. I have a set routine for studying so that I can study. For certain times during the week and weekend I will study and I study in the same place to be away from everyone. I’m a big people watcher, so if people are coming in and out of a room, that will distract me. For more tips on concentrating click here!

In college, I am constantly preparing for tests. It seems like I have a test or quiz every week. The best way to prepare for any type of test is to review my notes. When the date for test arrives, I also get a treat for myself (Starbucks!) so that I am relaxed, calm, and not freaking out when the time for the test arrives. This Test Preparation article gives great tips to prepare for types of tests!


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