My New Habit

I have never liked running. When I played basketball in grade school, I grew a hatred for running because my coach constantly made the team do running drills. There were suicides, the hour glass, the run around, and ,my favorite, the 8-8-18. We were a small grade school team, not the USA Olympics team so all of this conditioning did not make sense to me. So when I entered high school, I picked  a sport that did not require running, CHEERLEADING! Now, I know that many people do not count this as a sport, but you try doing a combination of a toe touch and a side hurdler and then moving into a stunt position…not as easy at it looks!

After entering college and no longer having my cheer team, it was time to pick up a new sport. How I came to the conclusion that running was for me, I have no idea. Actually, I do. It was my enemy the freshman 15 and she is a bitch. After my first day of running, I was sore in places I haven’t ever been sore. I did the bad habit of not stretching before running and I paid for it. Once I got passed the soreness, I actually loved running. Losing weight wasn’t my only reason to start running. I just wanted to feel healthy and to be less stressed out. Let’s face it, college is nothing but stress. At least now I have a way to control the stress.


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