Hair Habits

Now, I am the kind of girl that always fries my hair. I use a straightener, curling iron, curling wand and blowdryer. I am guilty of not taking care of my hair! Split ends are everywhere! I believe that every girl is guilty of frying her hair. To remedy this awful habit is to first look at the condition of your hair. Take a microscope and look at the ends of your hair. It’s scary! From this article Technically Speaking, you can see and learn at the types of damage that occurs to hair.

Now it’s time to undo what has been done. This Hair Boot Camp is a lifesaver for those (like me!) who do not know how to take care of their hair. This will explain the steps to take, for every hair type, to make your own hair healthy once again. It also gives examples of home remedies for hair treatments so that you are not spending bundles of money.

The last thing that any girl could do is to stop styling it so much! Seriously, pick two days out of the week where you put your hair in a messy bun or braid it. The fishtail braid is a hot style these days and it’s so easy to learn. Here is a tutorial if your not sure on how to fishtail braid.


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