Holiday Munchies

Well, it’s definitely that time of the year. It’s the time where you don’t need an excuse to over eat because it generally happens anyway. The only thing that I dread about the holidays is the “I can’t breath” feeling after eating some amazing food. When I say amazing, I mean Pioneer Woman amazing! There is a holiday section on her blog that my mom uses and I literally cannot breath after I eat.

But I am determined to control myself this year. After reading this Guide to Surviving the Holidays, I will mind my portion control when I’m hitting up the buffet at a party. I will also watch my intake of alcoholic beverages and try to drink water in between them.

If your like me and don’t have time to hit up the gym during this crazy season, this Exercise Finder is the best thing for at home workouts. You can choose which body part to work on and it gives a list of simple workouts that you can do at home. This will probably be my life saver this holiday season!


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