Just Say Thank You

In our busy lives, it’s so easy to forget our manners. Saying please and thank you or any other civil act is often taken for granted. This article from the “Today” website explains how civility is possibly dead. Now, I don’t think civility is dead, it’s just not being used to its full advantage.

My mom made an awesome suggestion for a New Year’s goal! For her goal, she is writing a thank you card every day. It’s a simple card to either a friend, a business or whoever crosses her mind that day. She has gotten a few responses back saying how much her thank you card had brighten their day.

So I’m going to take page out of my mom’s book. I am pledging myself to say thank you every day! Whether it’s to my roommate or the person working at Starbucks handing me my coffee, I’m going to say thank you!

Saying thank you is a good habit that no one should forget!


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