Appearance Matters

Everyone knows that common phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But we all do and that is the sad truth. I find myself doing it all the time when I go to class or shopping at the mall. It’s easy to tell who rolled out of bed and who put some effort into their appearance.

Appearance matters no matter where you go in life: when you have a job, going out with friends or going to class. I had a horrible habit of wearing baggy sweatpants to class because I just rolled out of bed. It’s tacky, don’t do it!

One way to improve your appearance is to wake up early! I know it sounds horrible and excruciating, but it works. You have time to put effort into your clothes and hair so you don’t look like a mess.

Another way is to pick out your clothes the night before. If getting up early is just too much work, plan your outfit the night before so you have time to sleep in.

If none of these work for you, at least put on jeans before you leave home. They are way better looking on your butt instead of the baggy sweatpants!


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