Try New Things

I have the terrible habit of staying in my comfort zone. While in college, my buddies like to plan trips to Texas or do something fun for the weekend. I like my routine of going home on the weekends. My buddies call it “small town syndrome.” I grew up knowing everybody in my town and doing the same activities with the same people, which consisted of going down to the creek or cruising on the dirt roads. That’s how I grew up having fun!

So to step out of my comfort zone, I went camping with some friends to Turner Falls this weekend. That was a whole new experience! Especially since I, lil’ miss country girl, has never gone camping before. But I gotta say, I had a blast! The weather was awesome and I got to experience hiking for the first time.

The most exciting part of the trip was spelunking. My friend and I climbed up the rocky path of the mountain and crawled into the different caves. My legs where shaking the whole time! I don’t think I have ever been so terrified in my life! But I stepped out of my comfort zone and found a hobby that I never thought that I would want to do again!


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