DIY: Nails

Here is one way to save money during this crazy holiday season! Instead of spending money on a salon, do your nails yourself! Here is one cute design that is simple and cute!


Hair Habits

Now, I am the kind of girl that always fries my hair. I use a straightener, curling iron, curling wand and blowdryer. I am guilty of not taking care of my hair! Split ends are everywhere! I believe that every girl is guilty of frying her hair. To remedy this awful habit is to first look at the condition of your hair. Take a microscope and look at the ends of your hair. It’s scary! From this article Technically Speaking, you can see and learn at the types of damage that occurs to hair.

Now it’s time to undo what has been done. This Hair Boot Camp is a lifesaver for those (like me!) who do not know how to take care of their hair. This will explain the steps to take, for every hair type, to make your own hair healthy once again. It also gives examples of home remedies for hair treatments so that you are not spending bundles of money.

The last thing that any girl could do is to stop styling it so much! Seriously, pick two days out of the week where you put your hair in a messy bun or braid it. The fishtail braid is a hot style these days and it’s so easy to learn. Here is a tutorial if your not sure on how to fishtail braid.

Eating Out the Right Way

Being a college student, I eat out constantly! Honestly, I eat out every day  whether it’s a quick trip to Micky D’s or to have a date night with an old friend. You wouldn’t believe how expensive it has gotten. Let’s just say my wallet is empty. And it doesn’t help to eat out when your trying to be healthy. Losing weight and eating out is not a good combination.

Lately, I have been trying to plan my meals by going grocery shopping and choosing the right kind of foods to eat. Since there is no dollar menu at a grocery store, I have been clipping coupons to save my empty wallet and so far it has been working. It is also good to look at the prices of food: like fresh veggies compared to frozen veggies. The frozen veggies are cheaper and you don’t have to worry about them going bad. There are a lot of different ways to shop healthy and saving your wallet.

Now I still eat out sometimes, but I try to have a plan before I go out to eat. If you think about, restaurants trick you into ordering the fatty foods by putting pictures in the menu. It kills me every time. When eating out, it’s always easier to order soda and or an appetizer that fills your stomach quicker. For eating out tips, I have been skipping the appetizers and eating a salad before my entrée. That satisfies my hunger before my meal comes and leads me to not eating so much so that I can have left overs for the next day!

My New Habit

I have never liked running. When I played basketball in grade school, I grew a hatred for running because my coach constantly made the team do running drills. There were suicides, the hour glass, the run around, and ,my favorite, the 8-8-18. We were a small grade school team, not the USA Olympics team so all of this conditioning did not make sense to me. So when I entered high school, I picked  a sport that did not require running, CHEERLEADING! Now, I know that many people do not count this as a sport, but you try doing a combination of a toe touch and a side hurdler and then moving into a stunt position…not as easy at it looks!

After entering college and no longer having my cheer team, it was time to pick up a new sport. How I came to the conclusion that running was for me, I have no idea. Actually, I do. It was my enemy the freshman 15 and she is a bitch. After my first day of running, I was sore in places I haven’t ever been sore. I did the bad habit of not stretching before running and I paid for it. Once I got passed the soreness, I actually loved running. Losing weight wasn’t my only reason to start running. I just wanted to feel healthy and to be less stressed out. Let’s face it, college is nothing but stress. At least now I have a way to control the stress.

Day of Pomping

This podcast is a segment of the OSU Homecoming Experience, which is directed and carried out by Chelsea Hise and Randi Rother. We are covering a day of pomping with the help of the Sigma Nu and Kappa Kappa Gamma homecoming directors. 


Study Is My Buddy

Now, I don’t know about everyone else, but I never really knew how to study until my sophomore year of college. In high school, I didn’t really need to study. In my freshmen year of college, I realized I didn’t know how to study and, therefore, struggled during my first year. Over the past two years, I have learned that some of the key habits to study is to take responsibility for yourself and to concentrate. Take this quiz, Effective Habits for Effective Study to find out if you have good study habits.

I also know that it’s really hard to concentrate while studying. I am horrible at staying focused on my homework when the t.v. is on, if there is music playing, or if my cellphone is ringing like crazy. Basically, electronics are my biggest weakness. I have a set routine for studying so that I can study. For certain times during the week and weekend I will study and I study in the same place to be away from everyone. I’m a big people watcher, so if people are coming in and out of a room, that will distract me. For more tips on concentrating click here!

In college, I am constantly preparing for tests. It seems like I have a test or quiz every week. The best way to prepare for any type of test is to review my notes. When the date for test arrives, I also get a treat for myself (Starbucks!) so that I am relaxed, calm, and not freaking out when the time for the test arrives. This Test Preparation article gives great tips to prepare for types of tests!

From Bad Eatin’ To Good Eatin’

Eating healthy is not the easiest habit to form, especially if one didn’t grow up that way(like me). Now don’t get me wrong because my parents made sure I ate my fruits and veggies and sweets and pop were definitely not part of the menu. It’s just that my momma cooked a lot of the good stuff: chicken fried steak, fried potatoes, gravy, burgers, and any other types of food that can be found on the Pioneer Woman’s Blog(the amount of butter she uses is scary)! So, when you grow up eating the same food, you grow up cooking the same food.

Once I entered the college scene, having a healthy eating habit didn’t become an issue until after the first semester(HELLO freshman 15)! I was eating to many fried or fatty foods, not enough of the natural stuff, and not caring about being healthy. I realized I need to break my bad eating habits, which is not easy to do when you’ve been in the same routine for 19 years. It’s two years later since I’ve made changes to my eating habits and I’m still workin’ at it. I look at these Six Step To Breaking Bad Eating Habits everyday to break my bad habits the right way.

Once you break those bad eating habits, it’s time to create healthy eating habits. Now, you think this would be a easy habit to create, but it’s not(surprise). To have a healthy eating habit is just another goal that I work at everyday as well. If you want to have healthy eating habits, these 10 Tips are really helpful and they actually work! I’m not gonna lie, breaking a bad habit and creating a better one is not a easy process, but it sure is awesome once being healthy becomes a habit and not a thing to worry about

Procrastination, Procrastination, Procrastination!

Procrastination! It is my worst enemy and I blame high school because that is where this stressful habit started. I never completed homework until the hour before it was due, I always woke up 15 minutes before I had to be at work(so you know I never looked pretty), and I also never finished my chores (which caused mommy dearest to be very unhappy)! So coming to college and having more responsibility than what I wanted was a huge slap across the face.

My first semester in college, I lived the stereotypical college lifestyle: going to class sometimes, sleeping through classes, late night or last-minute studying, partying Thursday through Saturday, football games, and just loving the freedom. I might as well had been saying “Hey, I’m gonna do whatever I can to avoid life!” Every single thing I did was to avoid the reality of why I was at college. I was trying to procrastinate the moment of actually growing up and becoming an adult.

After the first semester and getting my grade(IT WAS NOT PRETTY!), I had to become responsible for getting to class on time, actually finishing my homework, studying(which I had to relearn), and just taking care of myself. It was so hard! Heck, it still is hard! I still find myself procrastinating homework and responsibilities. Procrastination is a negative habit that I will work on for the rest of my life…I know this because I look at my mother and I see myself. Ugh, makes shudder.